lunedì 22 luglio 2013

Biennial of Art for Children in Poznań

OTTOmani operators realized in June 2013 a workshop of animated movie interpreting the "word" theme during 19^ Biennale Sztuki dla Dziecka (19^ Biennal of Art for Children) in Poznań (Poland) organized by Centrum Sztuki Dziecka w Poznaniu

Four classes of primary schools and some individual (95 children!) take part to "Instrumenty do pisania / Instruments of writing" this "four day long" workshop to realize the animated movie and make the soundtrack.

The children involved in workshop interpret the theme of "word" animating different "writing" materials and, the fourth day, they "play" the same materials to realize the soundtrack of the movie.

"ABC Dzieci": the movie realized by the children

OTTOmani workshop at "Mo & Friese" Film Festival Hamburg

It took place in May 2013 the second collaboration of OTTOmani association with "Mo & Friese" Hamburg Children's Short Film Festival.
For this edition of "Mo & Friese" OTTOmani association realize a workshop to explore sounds and create an animated movie involving a group of 12 students in a secondary school in Hamburg (D).

"Fuehle den moment / Feel the Moment", the movie realized by young animators in a three day workshop was screened at the opening ceremony of "Mo & Friese" Film Festival.