lunedì 22 dicembre 2014

New OTTOmani workshop in Berlin

From November 10th to 16th OTTOmani was in Germany, hosted by KUKI/Interfilm Festival to organize a workshop in animation for children.

The OTTOmani's workshop was five days long with a different group of children for each day and focused on the exploration of sounds of objects and environments, and the visual theme of "points and lines".
The workshop involved about fifty children aged 8 to 10 years.

The workshops for KUKI Film Festival will take place in a specially constructed mobile animation studio, inside a giant truck, sponsored by "Zapf" removal company. It's called [zapf] TrickTruck!

At the end of the week the children involved in workshop presented the film they made during the Kuki Festival's Awards Ceremony.

HERE you can watch more stills from OTTOmani's workshop and HERE you'll find some stills from KUKI Festival 2014.

Here's the movie we realize: "Punkt Linie Punkt"

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