giovedì 10 gennaio 2013

Two OTTOmani workshops at Animateka/Mali Slon Festival 2012

OTTOmani was guest to Animateka / Mali Slon (Little Elephant) Festival, December 2012.
Two workshop on sound and animated movie was realized by OTTOmani mentors in Ljubljana and Maribor (Slovenjia) following Animateka festival program. Two groups of 12 youngs record sounds of the cities of Ljubljana and Maribor and relize two animated interpretations of soundtracks using papers and foods.

Here's the movies realized in workshops:
"Pakka Makka Chakka" (at Animateka Festival, Ljubljana)

and "Tikki Pa Tikki" (at Mali Slon / Little Elephant Festival, Maribor)

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