domenica 6 luglio 2014

OTTOmani in Hamburg with "Mo & Friese" Film Festival

Great experience for OTTOmani realizing the 3rd collaboration with "Mo & Friese Kinder Kurz Film Festival" in Hamburg (Germany)

OTTOmani's operators (Roberto Paganelli and Andrea Martignoni) realize an animation workshop focused on animate the light. In a three days workshop OTTOmani lead a group of primary school's children to realize a frame-by-frame animation drawing characters by making small holes on the black cardboard and animating shapes in black powder on lightboard.

The children after the visual animation realize an original recording of the movie's soundtrack performing a sound interpretation of the animation playing the school's Orff instruments.

The movie was presented Sunday, June 8 during the Awards ceremony at the conclusion of "Mo & Friese Kinder Kurz Film Festival".

Here's the short realized by children: "Olaf in der Stadt"

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