domenica 13 settembre 2015


This August, for a second time, OTTOmani Association was guest at Anibar Festival in Peja, Kosovo, to lead a workshop in animated film for a group of youngs.

The focus of the OTTOmani's workshop project was to create an original exploration of different places, spaces and paths in the city of Peja in order to realize a video that returns to the audience an image of the city as seen through the sensibility of Peja's young citizens.

The 6th edition of Anibar festival was held in Peja from August 20 to August 26 2015, the OTTOmani's workshop was realized from 21 to 25 August with a group of 20 young. The movie realized by the young animators was screened the last Festival's day during final Ceremony.

Here's the result of OTTOmani's workshop at Anibar Festival 2015: ROLLING AROUND IN PEJA - RROTULLOHEMI NËPËR PEJË

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